Oh my my my … my mind is blown. What a game! Such masterful story telling in such a creative and unprecedented method. You can tell right away that I’m definitely going to recommend this game and here’s the rundown. But before we begin let me start off by saying that you should download the game before reading the rest of the review because it takes a while to load and its such a good game that you shouldn’t waste another second without it.

So the app is called Device 6 and it was made by the game masters at Simogo. If I had to explain it in a few words I would say its a mystery, text based, puzzle adventure. But that sounds boring; though trust me, it’s the complete opposite.

You read through the story of Anna, a confused woman who wakes up in a strange place with only the fleeting image of a creepy doll in her mind but she doesn’t know why. The story is based on Anna walking through the different chapters, trying to piece together different fragments of a story all while solving engaging and mind boggling puzzles with hidden messages.

The story is told with text that moves and twist and bends to the mysteries in which you, the player, are meant to solve by holding the iOS device in different angles to make out the meaning, all while moving past three dimensional pictures that offer a glimpse into the world where Anna has found herself.

Its not just the gameplay that shines, everything involved in this game was made with meticulous attention to detail. The sound effects and the music, as well as the images just seamlessly blend into the story, pulling you in and engulfing the player in this rich and vibrant world.

It’s a bit on the expensive side at $3.99 (approx. 1.150 KD) but its more than worth it since I don’t remember ever being so enthralled by a game, and the ending is nothing like what you would expect. I actually squealed when I found out what the ending was. It’s all about deception and manipulation, all while keeping the player fully captivated. I just couldn’t get enough, after I completed the story I wish there were more chapters so I could keep playing.

I can honestly say that this is one of the greatest games to ever grace the app store.

The Good:
- Captivating gameplay.
- Engaging storytelling.
- Enthralling Mysteries and Puzzles.
- Innovative game progression.

The Bad:
- Wish there were more chapters.


P.S I would like to thank my amazing friend who introduced me to this game because I absolutely loved it!