We always post songs that we like from around the globe but one thing we truly appreciate is local talent and Aziz AlNasrallah and Mohammad Al-Saeed have loads of it.

The following is the video for the track “Amoot Alaik” sung by Aziz AlNasrallah, which roughly translates to a mix between I adore you and I’d die for you in Arabic (its a bit hard to explain), but even if you don’t understand the words you can understand the deep sincerity in his soulful voice. Its definitely a fresh take on Arabic music and thats something that we desperately need.

Not only is the music impressive but the video is equally as amazing, its so beautiful on so many levels and fits perfectly with the serene tones of the song. The genius behind this breathtaking video is Mohammed AlSaeed who directed it with a clear artistic vision. It brings out the human aspect of the vocals and connects on a raw level with the viewer. I just love how honest the song is and the way the video mirrors that sentiment.

You can view more of Aziz’s work on his youtube channel
Or you can view more of Mohammed’s work on his vimeo channel.