The world is in chaos, the downfall of mankind is imminent, and survival is your only priority. That essentially summarizes all apocalyptic style games but this game is so much more. In a sea of zombie games, “The Last Of Us” is a breathe of fresh air.

The storyline is unpredictable and masterfully written, and theres so much detail that I cant even begin to describe the effort that went into making the environment as believable as it is. I wont spoil anything for you but right at the start the game makes you part of its world and it pulls at your emotions, you relate to the characters and feel like your part of the story which is a rare thing to do especially when you’ve only been playing for ten minutes! by the time I got through the intro I was crying like a baby!

A unique aspect of the game is the “listening mechanic” in which you can focus the characters hearing to get an idea of what is behind the wall. So for example if two zombies were attacking someone in the next room and you used the focus hearing skill, you could see silhouettes of the characters and where they are standing. This is a great feature because the game is true to its survivalist nature so its not a run and gun game. Knowing whats in the next room allows you to plan ahead. “Do I use my remaining 5 bullets?, Is it worth it? Are they close enough to the door for me to sneak in and slit their throat with my knife?” Theres so much though that goes into the game which is what makes it so unique. The combat is amazing though it does get a bit “clunky” at times.

The only thing that really bothered me about the game was that the movement felt a bit stiff and since its such a big part of the game, it did through me off a bit. But I have to admit, that could just be my personal preference and not something that would bother others.

I wasn’t able to play the multiplayer mode since the game technically wont be released for another week. But if its half as good as the single player campaign then its going to be a hit.

Though I prefer playing on the Xbox 360, ‘The Last of Us’ is exclusive to Playstation and if you dont have the console, its worth buying it just to play this game. The game is set to be released on June 14th, dont forget to pre-order if you havent already because its going to sell like crazy.

The Good:
- Solid gameplay.
- Gorgeous graphics.
- Beautifully detailed environments.
- Amazing storyline.
- Unique game mechanics.

The Bad:
- Movement felt a bit stiff.