The name of this gadget may imply what it is but you’d never guess. When I was a child I’d grab large sea shells and hold them against my ear and listen to waves, I’m not sure if that’s scientific or not but one person managed to create something similar and great. Jun Fujiwara from Tama Art University and of course he’s Japanese, where else people at such a young age are just that genius.

Re-Sound Bottle is a simple bottle where if you open the top it will record the sounds around it, once you close it, it will loop the sounds, you can record multiple sounds and it will generate a rhythmic beat for you. The bottle is beautifully designed yet it is so complex from the inside as well as it’s software counterpart. Luckily for us, we only need to lift the top and put it back in. There are plans to produce this, but for now it is only a concept, that works!