A lot of the very artistic furniture are created for the visual appeal minus the practicality, yet I believe that Cocoon1 has managed to play nice with both beauty and practicality. What Cocoon1 is, is a big transparent room that you can fit in and pretty much do whatever you want.

What makes this sphere special is its customisation, you simply dont just sit there and arch your back, you get to move fitted blocks and mix and match the way you want to sit. Sitting is not the only use of this sphere though, you can have a kitchen if you want, whatever idea you have should happen, sleep, eat, relax or just shell yourself from a loud home.

I find this sphere useful to listen to music without the headphones as sound waves from your music player will travel in circles as well as iPad gaming. Anyway, beautiful design, coming soon to you with a very expensive price of $2990, for more check their website.