Two things that are dear to my heart are video games and Disney, so when I found out about this movie I was ecstatic!

The movie is called Wreck It Ralph, and its made by the mighty animation giant, Disney with John Lasseter (Pixar’s CEO) as executive producer.

The story is set in an arcade world and its about Ralph, a lovable villain in a videogame called ‘Fix It Felix Jr”. Ralph plays the antagonist but when the lights go out in the arcade hes left to sulk alone while the other characters enjoy each others company. So he goes on a quest to become a hero and earn everyones love and respect, but the journey is filled with twists and turns.

Being a videogame fanatic, it was amazing seeing all of my favorite characters like Ryu and Ken, Bowser, and even Sonic. Theres even a reference to Halo! What more could you ask for? There were even a lot of funny moments where I found myself laughing out loud to a point where the kid sitting next to me started laughing at me, and thats always a good sign.

One of the best features of the movie was that it had a well thought out storyline with a lot of lovable characters. They really put a lot of effort and creativity into every element and it was evident throughout the movie. The environments were one of the best Ive seen in any animation, the textures and details alone were mind-blowing.

The only problems I had was that there were some cheesy parts and I was disappointed because the trailer made it seem like the guest characters would have more of a role in the story than they actually did.

Overall, this isn’t my favorite Pixar movie but its really close and I definitely recommend watching the movie.

The Good:
- Great storyline.
- Fun Characters.
- Gorgeous animation.
- Classic videogame character appearances.
- Lots of funny moments.

The Bad:
- Some parts are a bit too cheesy.
- The classic videogame characters aren’t really part of the story.