Desktop Dumpster is a 9 pound steel real-life street dumpster replica that is minimised to a size that would fit among your other stuff on your desk. The idea itself is just brilliant but it just does not stop there. Each of these dumpsters are hand-made by artist Ryan Christensen from Seattle, he also paints the graffiti that makes his dumpsters definitely unique and life-like.

The use of these dumpsters are limitless, you can store your pens, books, plant something or simply dump trash as it is a dumpster. You can either choose from a wide selection of wacky coloured ones or simply just a blank one and do the coloring yourself, maybe even stick stuff onto it.

Price is reasonable and suprising actually, colored ones cost $250 and $100 for the blanks, keep in mind these are hand-made. If you’re interested head over to their website.