Let me just start of by saying that this game is just drop-down gorgeous and now here is why. What makes this game so beautiful is its simplicity, Ubisoft could have ported Rayman Origins from consoles and just placed on screen touch controls but instead they took the concept of the game and made it iOS friendly, by this I mean the game is very simple yet very addicting.

The game as the name indicates is a side-scroller, only Rayman automatically runs and you tap anywhere on the screen to mainly jump but it is all about the timing. Similar to Origins, this game looks gorgeous, everything in the environment is painted with great detail and vibrancy that is generally unmatched by most apps.

The game also features a fun soundtrack, it might get old after a while but it is fitting nonetheless. More onto the gameplay, it is true that a lot of games offer similar mechanics but this game just does it right and makes the fun even more fun. What I like most about it is the fact that this game is for everyone, the casual and hardcore gamer, you can run your way to the end of a stage and pass or run and collect everything along the way which requires a lot of skill. I only wish there were more stages and more characters to play with. All in all, Simple gameplay, stunning graphics and a fun soundtrack makes this game a must have for anyone looking to have fun and even a bit of challenge.
Download iOS App ($2.99)

The Good:
- Simple gameplay.
- Stunning Graphics.
- Fun soundtrack.

The Bad:
- Not many stages.
- No other characters to choose.