I hate that feeling of being in a gorgeous new city and being completely lost. But what I hate even more is having to carry around those annoying large maps that I have to fold and unfold every few seconds. Well, thats where these little beauties come in.

They are called Crumpled City Maps and they are made by Palomar. Basically instead of filling your phone or smartphone with maps or running around with an annoying paper map, you can get these handy things.

Made from a special technological material, these full-color maps can be opened and closed in just two seconds, provide details about streets, monuments, museums, and more, weigh only 21 grams, are 100% waterproof, and cram nicely into their included carrying pouches when you’re tired of looking like a tourist.

So the next time your planning a vacation, consider packing one of these Crumpled City Maps (€12 approx.KD 4.00).