MINI is a great car but what it succeeds most in is in its marketing which is always clever, fresh and makes out a personality out of a non-living machine. MINI showrooms always had a sense of style and offered extra customisation options for the car but what people may not realise is that there is a lot that goes beyond the car itself, mainly fashion.

This trend has been going on forever and it now has a shop of its own located at Westfield Mall in London called MINI Pop-Up shop. It is everything MINI from clothing to little key chains but not the cars.

Designed by Studio 38, the store itself is a brilliant design achievement, carries out the MINI branding as well as a modern touch that makes a small collection a more significant one. To top that off, the store has two MINIs parked inside for decoration. I love the MINI cars and this expansion on the brand is a smart move.