Sleeping Dogs is yet another open world game that takes place in a city and involves hijacking vehicles and numerous missions on every corner. The game is set in fictional Chinese city, the game is in English but everyone speaks Chinese-English with regards to the protagonist who speaks fluently being raised in the U.S. You play as an undercover cop who does cop missions as well as gang missions all in hopes of digging deeper into the gang life and ultimately catch their leader.

At first glance, the game does a beautiful job at making things just work, everything is well polished from city itself to the actual gameplay throughout the entire game. I played many open world games and it is safe to say this is one of the best. You can hijack cars, do missions, enjoy a cup of noodles, drive fast cars and most importantly fight using your bare hands. This is the central attraction of the game, the hand to hand combat is so unique in an open world game, it is just like a fighting game within itself featuring combos and environmental moves, like grabbing someone and smashing their heads into an aquarium.

All this beauty is quickly shattered when we start comparing it to GTA IV, simply put everything in this game is trying to be GTA, nothing about it is better and feature far less stuff than it. You can’t change the camera, the city is small, no helicopters, trains, has a lot of repetitive tasks, the world is not as alive and so on. The little things really affect the gameplay overall. For instance, on GTA I used to walk around in Times square and listen to people talk, sure in Sleeping Dogs they do but their lines are short and uninteresting. The game is truly great but we’ve seen it all and even little things like cops are just plain stupid, I’d start causing mayhem and they send in 1 cop car after a while and I’d gun down people near a cop and nothing happens.

In contrast, GTA rains the world’s toughest cops onto you losing them is not easy, easy on this game though as you can hit “X” and the car slides and pushes the cops into limbo. I did enjoy the game, it’s better than most open world games out there especially Saints Row, this game keeps the “R” rated material minimal and focuses on the realism rather than giving the player everything at hand. I would suggest grabbing the game if you have nothing in hand to play or you just can’t wait for the next GTA coming sometime in 2013.

The Good:
- Solid Gameplay.
- Nice city.
- Beautiful Combat.
- Good Driving.

The Bad:
- Cops AI is stupid.
- World is small.
- We’ve seen this before.
- Missions vary but get repetitive.
- Boring Activities, Massages, Cock fights, etc.