Whether you are a designer or not, you should know that logos define a company, it is indeed a little symbol but will determine how you see a company. Big names, big logos, I expected to find huge budgets, for some true but for others I was shocked.

Coca-Cola’s logo is a trend, it is a masterpiece of a logo, it turns out it was made by a book keeper in 1885 called Frank Mason Robinson. Frank used such typeface as it was very popular back then populating signs on streets and shops, if only he was alive now he’d have been a millionaire.

Other logos such as the new Pepsi cost 1 million dollars, and though there are a variation of them, I really prefer the old one. Anyway, take a look at this selection and more info under each.

BBC $1,800,000 (1997)

bp $211,000,000 (2008)

Coca-Cola FREE! (1885) Designed by Frank Mason Robinson

Google FREE! (1998) Designed by Sergey Brin

London 2012 $625,000 (2007) Designed by Wolff Ollins

City of Melbourne $625,000 (2009) Designed by Landor Associates

NEXT $100,000 (1986) Designed by Paul Rand

NIKE $35 (1975) Designed by Carolyn Davidson

Pepsi $1,000,000 (2008) Designed by Arnell Group

Twitter $15 (2009) Designed by Simon Oxley