Deadlight is a brand new game on Xbox Live Arcade and at first glance it is phenomenal. Deadlight is yet another zombie apocalypse game but it is for sure different. The game is a side-scroller, something entirely fresh in the zombie trend and at the same time it is not a retro game, it is a 3D living and breathing world where you can navigate in a single dimension along with some interesting puzzles.

The game is pretty much inspired by classic games such as “Price of Persia” with a focus on navigation and puzzles with a bit of combat. In Deadlight you flee from the zombies as you are in search of the protagonist’s wife and daughter, during your journey you will also solve puzzles and battle zombies with an axe, pistol, shotgun and a slingshot. The game is very simple but very fun at the same time thanks to its amazing art style that had me buy the game just to see what more it had to offer.

I do love the game as it is truly unique but what makes it so is of course the art style. The gameplay is simple and solid yet what brought this whole experience to an end is the fact that it is very short at only 4 hours with a not so unique story that was made similarly countless times. All in all it was a good experience but over too quickly, I do recommend it if you are looking for a fun few hours but it you are looking for something that would last longer I wouldn’t so as this game when beat has nothing more to offer.

The Good:
- Stunning Art Style.
- Great Intuitive Gameplay.
- Great Voice Acting.

The Bad:
- Story isn’t interesting.
- Too short.