It isn’t something very common when we see an artist reveal his secrets but this time around talented artist from Singapore, Stanley Artgerm Lau who is widely known all around has started his own live-stream where he paints for his fans. Artgerm is best known for his character paintings that are beautifully designed and the colouring style is just very unique and is nothing like we’ve seen from other artists.

The tutorial featured here is based off his latest painting “Pepper Spade” based off the overly popular painting he released a few years ago with a girl wearing red headphones. In the video, he does not speak and that is expected since his work requires a lot of patience, I love the work flow even though I cannot do anything he does.

More of his work can be found on his DeviantArt page which has over 10 million views already, plus keep up with his other tutorials on Live Stream.


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Part 1:

Part 2: