Shellrazer is brilliant game that takes two common genres and creates a loveable hybrid. The beauty of side scrolling games along with a tower defence mechanic both make Shellrazer an outstanding game. In the game you play as a turtle with up to 3 weapons mounted on your back, each is controlled separately and each has its own set of upgrades and attributes like shields and extra abilities.

The game is a side-scroller, your turtle will keep moving while it is being attacked from ground and air troops and you have to blast through them. This is a tower defence game as well as you have to be strategic, there are plenty of weapons to choose from but you can only equip 3 at a time, use them to attack enemies and protect your turtle. Even the turtle itself has power ups, spitting out berries, causing lightning and so on.

The game is beautiful, the art style and animations are top-notch leaving you hooked as the game also has plenty of stages and 3 difficulty levels to keep you coming back. I played this game on the iPad and it is wonderful and is for sure challenging, I did however find it quite hard to play on the iPhone as I have 2 thumbs constantly on the screen shifting from one place to another, I was only left with so little to see. That said, none this makes the game any less interesting, it is a brilliant game and you should definitely get it.

Download iOS App ($0.99)

The Good:
- Great Gameplay mechanic.
- Cool character art.
- Wonderful Animations.
- Lots of options.

The Bad:
- Music can get repetitive.
- iPhone’s screen is tough to play on.