Kinect by Xbox 360 is a unique piece of technology and it seems it is doing much better in the hands of designers and programmers as their mediocre line-up of games. One particular project is by New Zealand-based company called Assembly where they gathered musicians, programmers and artists to make The V Motion Project.

Using 2 Kinect devices and a whole load of programming, they made a man play music through a projected video that both captures his movements and placement in space. His moves are replicated with a wireframe of himself and several sections of this projection when pointed at plays a different sound, he was a dancing DJ summoned from the Tron world, at least that’s what I thought or maybe Minority Report without the lame gloves.

Not only did it work, it looked brilliant and so surreal, the beautiful colors and animations were top notch. You can see an in-depth look at the project here.