So I finally got the chance to watch one of this summer’s blockbusters, The Amazing Spiderman, it’s not just Spidey, he’s the amazing one. By now you know that this movie is a remake of the original replacing all that you knew about the original even the lead actor which after watching the movie, I congratulate them for such a move by making a remake.

Simple put, the movie is a very fun experience for those who are fans of the man in tights and anyone whose looking for a thrilling ride. In comparison to the previous Spider man movies, this on has a darker tone and a more polished experience leaving you rarely bored as it is filled with action, humor and more action.

I personally liked the movie, it was a refreshing experience as opposed to making another sequel and adding a new villain pulled off the comic books to make an appearance, ruin New York and get saved by Spidey yet again. Surprisingly, the new actor, Andrew Garfield makes a good teen-age Spiderman and he is not perfect and sloppy making him extremely natural for such a role. What I hated about previous movies is that it was very obvious when watching an action scene, the actor is replaced with a dorky CG model; however, with the evolving technology, it is barely notice-able.

While I liked most of the new Spiderman and sat through all the 2 hours it had to offer, the movie’s plot was rather short and very simple. It does not really have to do with anything regarding that I know the story as it is not the same but it was over too quickly as the movie was building up to the main plot of the movie and it got resolved easily or in a short time at least, Which reminds me of the movie TIN TIN, it was over too quickly and almost feels like a pilot for a series of movies yet to come. All in all, great movie, go watch it!

The Good:
- Great Acting.
- Beautiful CG.
- Good Re-make.

The Bad:
- Simple Plot.
- Does not improve much of the originals.
- 3D is useless, you can take off your glasses and it looks better.