You should know by now that Im obsessed with modern architecture. So to find a home that blows me away is no easy task. But this house definitely made my day.

Its called the Shrouded House and its the perfect residence for a young, design-savvy family. Its located in Toorak, which is considered the most prestigious neighborhood in Melbourne, Australia.

It was designed by Inarc Architects and they were in charge of both the exterior and interior of the project. The 13-room residence consists of the 850 square-meter (9,150 sq. ft) main house plus the 300 square-meter (3,330 sq. ft) basement, and the 70 square-meter (753 sq. ft) poolside cabana.

Bronze, steel and glass give the residence its contemporary and modern feel, but its not just for show, it also protects the exterior and looks good doing it.