It has been a very common thing that as soon as a new Pixar movie releases, another gets announced and comes out the next year. Like I predicted based on countless rumors for years, there is a new Monsters movie but it is not what you come to expect, it is a prequel! In this movie you get to see the monsters live the university life, full of pranks and jokes to ultimately learn the art of scaring kids.

I hated last year’s Cars 2 movie and I fear this may too follow the same path, I do not know what my favorite studio of all time “Pixar” is just heading for the easiest pattern of creating prequels and sequels. Don’t get me wrong, but this movie does look promising, if it was a short movie that is, I always thought Monsters would make a beautiful mini series. Anyway, it is happening and I really hope they do not ruin the perfect movie that was once called Monsters,inc.