When I hear about a new Madagascar movie I can immediately imagine how it would be like, that is of course not due to my inexistent superpowers but rather the repetitive formula that they use. Animals on the loose wanting to go home and lets add a really mean villain here and a few good jokes there and there, yet to be very honest, Madagascar 3 is a fun movie.

Sure it has its many set backs and predictable sections but it had its moments with little jokes here and there and I guess what saved this movie is the new antagonist, an animal control French lady and to me she was the star of the movie.

This movie in brief is about the animals wanting to go back to New York and most of the adventure takes place in Europe where they run run and run then insert moral lesson here and we’re done. I loved the introduction of the new characters such as the tiger, but the other characters’ voice acting were good but the design is off and has absolutely no resemblance to what the style of Madagascar is. All in all, the movie as a whole may not be a blast, but it for sure has its moments. If you have kids, this would be the movie to watch just don’t expect something out of the ordinary.

The Good:
- Great acting.
- Amazing Villain.
- Funny.

The Bad:
- Same Formula, same story.
- New characters have different art style.