What I love about iOS games are their simplicity and Probe The Humans is one exceptional example. At first glance, you’d immediately recognize the genre of the game as it is very common nowadays across most mobile platforms and that is moving across a single stage, collect stuff and survive for the most distance.

Such games like Zombie Rush, Temple Run, etc and this game is the same but sugar coated with a different flavor. You play as a UFO abducting people and animals, your obstacles are houses, fences, cars, etc. and you have 3 lives/hits and you must avoid the obstacles. The game is practically endless and loads of fun especially when the control is really easy, point anywhere on the screen and control the UFO.

The graphics and setting are very beautiful as well, adding to the quality of the game. Of course to make the game more interesting, upon playing you earn money and with it you can get new UFO’s, upgrade your health, and have certain abilities. However, this game does not offer anything new, it is the same thing we are used to and as I said it is a different flavor, that said, it is fun and free and you should definitely get it if your are looking to kill time with style.

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The Good:
- Great Graphics.
- Fun & Simple Control.
- Witty.
- Cool Sound Effects

The Bad:
- Not enough reply-value