By now if you call yourself a gamer you should have played Portal or at least saw and know what it is. With simple game mechanics, artists have gone bananas making fan videos, gun replicas and pretty much every merchandise you can think of and that is all with good reason, the game is outstanding. Terminal Velocity is the latest addition to the ever-growing Portal arsenal, a video created by Jason Craft who’s a very talented VFX artist and a group of his friends in a uniquely new perspective.

This project started off as an experiment as Jason wasn’t entirely sure he can do it and it turns out he can. The video is basically a group of friends playing around with a portal gun only it looks realistic and you can almost think it is real till you realize such technology/physics is impossible, nevertheless, the video is outstanding. On a more technical perspective, 3D projection was used to get the right angle of portals opening on walls and what adds to the whole level of realism is of course the great acting.