I haven’t met a person young and old that does not like LEGO, it is just beautiful and an iconic piece of art. So how can such beauty be brought to the ever growing digital world of today? simply LEGO BrainBricks. This both a technology and an app, imagine creating something in the physical world and that creation gets replicated in 3D on your smartphone/tablet.

This technology as a concept was created by Bas van de Poel and Daan van Dam from Wonder Years and this creation is beautiful. Going more into detail, micro-chips are installed inside the LEGO blocks that enables them to communicate with other blocks and define their place in space and the information is transmitted to a mobile App where you can customize further.

The technology does not stop there, not only you get to transfer your creations, you can also play games using what you created! I think this technology opens huge doors ahead enabling for endless possibilities, I’ve always wanted to create LEGO digitally as well, hopefully we’ll see that one day and I’m sure physically is much better but people can use it to lay out ideas.