Just released is a new game by Wicked-Witch called Catapult King and at first glance, it is just like Angry Birds but in 3D. The game basically has you control a catapult much like a slingshot and take down structures with knights on them, sounds very familiar and to be frank, Angry Birds itself as a game mechanic wasn’t the first in the genre, but they perfected the characters, music and the intuitive physics.

This game is great as well, though it is almost the same with a difference in perspective, it has something very little to offer. You can still adjust the distance as well as the force but you are offered with abilities that help your shots gain more damage. Such abilities is an exploding shot and one that rains meteors on top the structures giving you instant kills.

This game can get addictive but honestly it is very familiar and not much changes over the course of stages as they look very similar and don’t quite present us players with something extraordinary in comparison to the ever-growing Angry Birds franchise. Sure there are more things to the game such as splitting shots and as far as everyone know that is an Angry Birds move where taping on the bird splits them into three.

It is very hard looking and playing this game without making a direct comparison to Angry Birds and as much as I try not to, I end up doing so because games should evolve genres and the little differences is what sets them apart. This game has so much in common things like when you miss all the shots you have, the remaining knights laugh at you, pick their noses and sometimes show you their behind. Though I like the art style in this game I wasn’t very fond of the characters, their extra huge eyes and not so memorable design does not help this game at all. All in all, and like I mentioned, this is a good game especially the new perspective it presents adds a lot of challenge and precision to get your one shot wins. It is a very polished game with a very amazing physics engine but its heavy similarities could draw it back. Though very similar, I had fun playing this game and though I compared it with Angry Birds, this game is still worth getting, it is fun.

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The Good:
- Great Graphics.
- Beautiful Physics.
- Cool Abilities.

The Bad:
- Stage designs are very similar.
- Very similar to Angry Birds
- Mediocre Character Design.