Ever since I was a child, dinosaurs have been something of an admiration, creatures that live way long before us and it is tremendous how using science, artists began recreating how they look using the decayed remains. Andrey Atuchin, (also known as Olorotitan) is a great artist from Russia whose love for dinosaurs is unquestionable. Most of Andrey’s creations evolve around different kinds of dinosaurs, ranging from the lethal and not so lethal.

His art at first glance looks like one of these illustrations you could find on an encyclopedia, in fact, at least one of his artworks was once used as a cover for National Geographic. The art style itself is very unique, simple at a glance and much more complicated when you realize the amount of detail each dinosaur carries, everything looks realistic including the outstanding job at creating the skin. Like I said, Andrey’s interests focus mainly on dinosaurs but you could also see his other creations on his DeviantART gallery.