So this year’s E3 was a hit for some and a miss for others, one game I learned not to hype is Assassins Creed as I mentioned before, Revelations was a disappointment. However, with what Ubisoft showcased during this E3 was stunning. Starting off with the first video, you get to see how the game has evolved, introducing weather and updates to some of the game’s mechanics, it is still the same “atmosphere” to some extent but the next two videos are what interests me most. On the second video, you see the protagonist hunt animals, and be hunted and later you see how the game really emphasizes the open world direction by adding exploration and of course the newly improved combat. At last but not least, something I wanted to see in a video game, you command a whole ship, ride it and take down other ships, it almost fulfills my fantasy of being a pirate. All in all, this game is way more polished than the previous games and hopefully it lives up to its hype.


Stealth Gameplay:

Hunting Gameplay:

Naval Battle Gameplay: