Dear Renault, you can rest assured this concept is amazing and worth creating. Meet the Renault Alpine A 110-50, a car that when I came across I thought I was looking at a video game car but it turns out it is as real as it could be. This car is a celebration and tribute to the original Alpine 50 or so years ago, taking cues from it and creating a modern day sports car.

This car looks gorgeous from all angles, everything about it is just unique and weirdly enough, I’m very fond of the colors. Just as it is pretty from the front, the rear and rear lights are amazing and if you haven’t noticed, it is fitted with yet one of the best spoilers looking I’ve seen.

My issue though is the side of the car, the profile is nice and all but the extra curves are killing the flow of the car and it is worth mentioning that orange stripe really reminds me of the Audi R8. All in all, a gorgeous car and I really hope they make it.