I’m not sure if I can call this a game rather than a movie, that said rest assured Max Payne 3 is one epic experience. I have played the previous games in the series and they were a blast, just a run and gun sort of game or a like a dear friend says “Spray and pray”, one that also introduced a solid slow-motion experience. Max Payne 3 takes everything from the previous games and makes it better.

The story continues with the protagonist Max Payne after he retires and yet still get caught up in another conspiracy that turns him into the iron man he is. During the game all you do is run and gun and it has never been this stylish in comparison to other games in the genre.

The gameplay is very simple, there are no special moves or anything besides the shooting, but it alone is satisfying as it is very polished and loads of fun. Another layer to the fun is of course slow-motion, it makes everything look gorgeous, if you were in an office building, you’d see papers flying, computers being destroyed, debris from everything and of course enemies falling and you witness brutal killing from bullets entering one part of the body and exiting the other.

The game itself is very cinematic, every time you walk somewhere you are introduced with a little animation that adds to the movie-like experience, they are fun and break the run and gun routine and definitely engages you more into the game. Adding more to that is the already gorgeous environments and graphics that makes the world around you very believable. One of the things that caught my attention is that when Max walks in-game you’d see his shirt’s folds changing as he moves, something I almost never saw in a video game or at least that polished.

The other part of the game is the Multiplayer and though it increases the single player’s life-cycle, it is not as good. All in all, Max Payne is a wonderful experience, one that is rather simple but packs a punch, you’d wish it had more of this and that but overall it is just amazing.

The Good:
- Great Protagonist.
- Amazing Gameplay.
- Beautiful Graphics.
- Best Slow-Motion Experience.

The Bad:
- Passable Multiplayer.