The Japanese can never have enough with technology and I think the ret of the world should be glad as they make our lives easier. Their latest creation is by Students of the University of Tsukuba and the University of electro-communications; they created a little robot-like device called Qumarion.

This device is created for both 2D and 3D artists, it’a basically a physical mannequin which you pose like you would with an action figure only that this one transmits the exact pose to a 3D model on the computer. However you pose the mannequin, your 3D model will pose the same. It is an outstanding achievement and a very accurate one, it has 32 sensors to be exact.

This device’s focus is mainly 2D artists giving them an accurate pose so that they can trace it, 3D artists alike can use frame-by-frame animation as well. This will be release later this year for $750 and I think it is very reasonable.