As soon as I saw this, I fell in love. You’d immediately recognize this new product by the design style previously seen on the Jawbone Bluetooth headsets, now they are making wireless speakers. These speakers are called Jambox and Big Jambox and they both function similarly where using your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can wireless stream your music and video through it.

Not only the device is beautifully designed, it provides sound from every angle as the design compliments the technology where sound exists through the little cracks giving you a 3D sound experience. What is new about this device is definitely the wireless transmission as well as it being cordless, you can charge it and it will play your media for 15 hours!

This is a must for the workplace and come to think about it, it is useful everywhere! This product is not out yet but it will cost around $199 for the large one and $299 for the small one. For more info head over to Jawbone’s website.