I bet you never saw it coming, a video game based on the popular comic series and recent TV show. But as we all know whenever a game turns to a movie or show and vise versa it is always disappointing and only uses the popular brand name to sell what appears to be a horrible game. Not for this game though, first off it is an Arcade game on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 and it has a great quality.

What is new about this game is that it is just like a show, you play an episode and at the end you get scenes from the next episode. This game is indeed episodic, you play each episode as if you are watching a show. This is where the strongest part of the game shines, it is very cinematic yet the gameplay elements are minimal. If you ever played Heavy Rain on Ps3, you’d recognize the type of gameplay, basically you do a bit of walking and you interact with things around you, you don’t get to pull out a weapon and stuff only when given.

Everything is cinematic and I really loved the comic book-like art style that is true to the original series to some extent. I found the game to be fun, there wasn’t a lot of gameplay elements to start with but that’s the point of the game, you sit back enjoy the show and you get to interact with it. The interaction is not that simple, in many cases you get prompted to choose to help this person or that and the one you do not choose dies, each person plays the game a little different.

My annoyance with the game has to be the price, its 400 points per episode, so far there is only one and I will end up paying 2,800 for all of them, to tell you the truth, it is an arcade game but each episode is like 2 hours long which is beyond average. All in all, this game which to most is only a show is indeed fun, there isn’t a lot to explore but it is an engaging experience not to be missed.

The Good:
- Great Concept.
- Beautiful Art Style.
- Each episode is 2 hrs long.
- Fun gameplay.

The Bad:
- Pricey.
- Main character expressions are over-exaggereated.