This is somewhat of a very strange story. An American man decided to leave life as we know it behind him and starting a new life in the wildness of Utah while having no money but the resources that nature provides. This man is called Daniel Suelo and has been living in a cave alone for 12 years since 2000. His idea of money is interesting, it is a mere illusion and one day it will go away.

In my opinion he wouldn’t have had his clothes that he is wearing neither the glasses he is wearing if he wouldn’t have bought them. Although his vision is somewhat strange, I am amazed at his ability to live for 12 years alone without any medium of entertainment. We live at times where we have lots at our disposal yet some are just bored, I wonder how Daniel feels now.

Anyway, this story was very inspiring for writer Mark Sundeen so he ended writing a book about it called “The Man Who Quit Money” hoping that someone will think of Daniel as not crazy, not expecting that we go live in nature just yet. The video was produced by BBC, check it out.