I stumbled upon this new App called Pocket and let me tell you, it’s amazing. The app is actually not new, it was just re-branded recently and its former name was “Read it Later”. This app does just that and really advances the concept and functionality.

Say you were sent a link on your device, you don’t have time to view it at the moment and you end up forgetting about it. This is where pocket comes in, it is an app that allows you to save content from Safari and not only that, over 300 apps support it such as Twitter, Facebook, Good Reader, Flipboard, etc.

As for the app itself, it works well on your iPhone, iPad, iPod and your computer too! save one thing on either and it gets pushed everywhere else and the good thing is, you don’t need internet to view it later. The captured content can be a webpage, images, videos etc. and Pocket organizes them for you in a very intuitive way.

The design of the app is gorgeous, it’s really simple and is the reason that drove me to download it. The app is a must have especially when it is free but there are a few issues that aren’t a big deal but worth mentioning. First the saved pages start saving saving when you open the app and not in the background. Second, some webpages have a fixed URL meaning when visiting another page on their site the URL stays the same and pocket does not recognize that so you end up bookmarking the homepage.

Download iOS App (FREE)

The Good:
- Great Design.
- Works Great.
- Syncs to all devices.

The Bad:
- does not recognize fixed URL name domains when bookmarking inner pages.
- Saved pages do not download while app is closed.