This is definitely not a new show, in fact you probably don’y know about it. It came out last year around April and I only started watching it recently. I have to say, it’s a great show! First off, this show is based on a Danish show called “Forbrydelsen” which won many awards and The Killing is the American version.

The show is a drama-crime show, it is beautiful and easily captivating, the story is really simple, the whole show is about a single murder of a girl called Rosie. I’m used to watching crime shows having a murder on each episode but The Killing is different. What differentiates this show is that you feel like you are watching a continuous movie, there are great actors and a single murder. This murder is tragic to the family and pretty much everyone else, the show does a great job at showing you emotion portrayed by the actors and actresses towards solving the mystery.

While you watch the show, it would be natural that you wonder who the killer is, so you start concluding on your own. I loved the first season and the second season already started this month with only 5 episodes so far.

I honestly was not sure how they could make a second season but they pulled it off, it’s an amazing show. The second season started a bit shaky but it’s improving upon each episode. So should you watch it? I’d recommend it if you’re looking for a great crime and drama show, The Killing does that beautifully.