So while we wait anticipated for Ghost Recon to come out next month, a friend of mine gave me access to the closed multiplayer beta and I got to play the game. The previous Ghost Recon was a blast, I had one of my most fun moments in gaming, it was just fun and different. This game however is not what you came to expect, it is almost nothing like the previous games and instead I consider it a totally different one, it also happens to be fun.

The game at first glance is more advanced featuring more gadgets and involves a lot of tactical teamwork making it up to today’s gaming standards, it’s no longer just about you playing hide and seek. That said, this game’s stages are very small compared to the previous Ghost Recons, it is much more faced paced and I understand some prefer it over the older one, they are both nice but I loved the vast environments on the previous games.

Another thing introduced in the multiplayer is the cover system which was never implemented online in any other Ghost Recon game and it works good it only bothers me though that some animations are a bit wonky.

The gameplay itself is fun and refreshing, shooting is rewarding yet in my opinion isn’t that special. Perhaps the game’s strongest point is the customization, you can dissect your weapons and modify every single part of them and put them to the test, it is really unique and so is the character customization allowing you to change separate parts of your appearance. A major annoyance in the game for me is that you cannot evade your enemies by rolling sideways or in any other direction, it gets hard trying to hide when your point blank in front of someone making your chances of killing your opponent very minimal.

Another aspect of the game is the graphics, they are nice, just two years ago, maybe because Battlefield 3 is lightyears ahead of all current shooters, but I have to say, smaller stages allows for more and the environments kind of remind me of Call of Duty, especially grass and trees, they’re like painted metal with slight animations. There isn’t a lot of detail like I suggested based on watching the trailers and now that I got to play it, it is nice but not detailed in comparison to other games.

This Ghost Recon is definitely a good game, focusing on tactical gameplay, future gadgets and customization and all work together great, the beta only featured two maps and I have good hopes for this game, we are desperately in need of a 3rd person shooter among all the first persons.