I remember when I was a child I’d see a Mitsubishi car but only later that I discovered that they are more than just a car manufacturer, they make pens, A/Cs, electronics etc. IKEA, the beloved affordable furniture store is slightly expanding their arsenal by creating a TV set called Uppleva.

As they suggest, TV’s clutter everything, their bulky shapes, colors and wires that tangle and ruin the simplicity of your furniture, so they integrated both in a table attached to a TV that they designed. The TV itself is up to today’s standards, has a built in surround sound and extra storage for other devices.

I like how it get rids of the clutter but my main concern is that the technology of TV’s are advancing quickly, we might keep our furniture for well over 10 years and sometimes we need to renew the TV because their technology-life span is short. All in all it is an interesting product, look for it starting June 2012 in Europe and 2013 at other countries.