Aboutt two months ago we featured a video by talented violinist Lindsey Stirling playing Lord of the Rings Violin Medley and it was great, this time around she and Peter Hollens created a remake of Skyrim’s theme song.

I don’t think people will ever stop this Skyrim spree and I don’t think they should, Skyrim is vast and beautiful. Unlike the original soundtrack, this music video only features a voice of one person and the violin being played by another. It almost sounds like the original, though it is one voice consisted of 120 tracks that were recorded in order to create this amazing piece.

I love Skyrim and this video is just as great showcasing environments that sorta puts you in Skyrim’s beautiful scenery thanks to the great work of cinematographer Devin Graham. This song is also available on iTunes, I already purchased it, nothing like listening to medievel music in the morning to work.
Download Song (iTunes)