So I breathe, eat and drink iTunes, having a device like Apple TV is a must an I recently purchased the new one. It is very clear that the device looks the same but some stuff have changed mainly being the hardware in order to support a higher resolutions up to 1080p, something the older Apple TV did not have, it only had 720p and let me tell you it is a huge difference.

Everything on the new device looks way more sharper and takes advantage of resolution, yet this is almost sums up the new device which is clearly my problem. Sure they added iCloud, iTunes Match but they’ve also introduced an updated UI which sorta borrows the icon design from iOS and honestly I do not like it, the device should have stayed simple, my guess is that they are prepping it for apps.

On the other hand, Airplay mirroring is great and very responsive and thanks to the HD support, things look much more sharper and crisper on the big screen. Furthermore, some games support dual screens, for instance you can see the game on the TV and your iPad provides an alternative view, such a map, something Nintendo is trying to achieve with their upcoming game console, Wii-U.

Another issue I encountered is the same I did with older Apple TV’s which is the sudden freeze in the system where the video stops for a few seconds then resumes and in rare situations it decides to sleep. All in all, would I recommend this device? yes if you are an iTunes user and no if iTunes is not where you download movies and TV shows. I personally appreciate the resolution upgrade, but other than that I do not see a leap here.

Buy Now ($99)

The Good:
- Small device.
- HD 1080p resolution.
- Does the Job.

The Bad:
- Occasional Freezing.
- New UI design is blah.