So we finally got our hands on this very anticipated device, it has been available in limited quantities and as I’m writing this review, it’s not longer available. Anyway, what Wacom Inkling is, is very simple in concept yet dazzling knowing it is real. Inkling is a little device that you clip onto your notebook or any paper and using the provided pen, you sketch whatever you want and whatever you sketch gets stored onto the device in vector format which means it can be scaled endlessly without loss of quality.

The device almost works everywhere and works well, besides sketching, there is a button that allows you to create a new layer to keep things tidy. This is where the device’s strength is weakened when it comes to accuracy, it is very accurate when you are drawing something but lets say for instance you want to go back to and shade a particular section all in one session, the accuracy will be off when viewed on the computer as the alignment won’t be correct. But still, with practice you could use layers to your advantage and that brings me to that fact that this device is not a true Wacom drawing tablet, but rather  a Wacom sketch and notebook device where you can put your ideas and rough outlines for digital use and when it comes to that, it does it well.

Another plus about this device is that it comes with a little pack that stores your pen, ink spares, the device and a wire and are placed together to ease the portability of the device yet the wire is very short and is a pain to place it back in place. All in all, Would I recommend this device? I would say yes as it does what it advertised for and only use it for creating rough sketches and taking notes, after all its a $199 worth of a device and I believe it is worth it if you can find it that is.

The Good:
- Accurate most of the time.
- The package is very portable.
- High res vector image export.

The Bad:
- Alignment issues.
- Wire is short and hard to place back in package.