So Like we previously pointed out, Green and I were disappointed by what AC Revelations had to offer, in one word, “repetition”. When AC III images were leaked, it looked the same but again with more modifications and additions which only led to the assumption that the cycle is going again and the fact that the setting has a huge amount of a woods changes things up and probably has a repetitive scenery as well.

Anyway, here is an interview by the developers speaking about the new game. I’m not raising my hopes up just yet but I do have to admit some things were interesting. First off, this is not an improvement, some stuff like combat was built from the ground up especially for this game and they built a huge focus on assassinations as the previous games were more action oriented and little creativity was taken into assassinating your targets.

Second, there are new things to do in the game other than slaying people, you can hunt animals and play mini games much like what Red Dead Redemption had to offer and to be honest, I think that’s where the game should be heading. For more watch the interview below.