This villa is called Oikia Voulas Panorama and it is located in Athens and it was designed by Dimitris Economou. Though we are featuring it, I’d like to focus on the exterior rather than the interior as I’m more fond of it.

On the outside, the villa looks beautiful, the many cubic shapes the make up the exterior along with large windows overlooking the pool is indeed beautiful. The house features a guest room right next to the pool, it is sort of a living room, you can see the pool and enjoy the comfort of sitting inside.

Though I love the outside, the inside it is a different story, it just does not match. It is very modern on the outside yet not so much on the inside, the color choice as well as materials in my opinion need to be changed to match the modernity of the house. Some rooms look good such as the living room, but others don’t match the style such as including an chandeliers. All in all, it’s an interesting house.