Here we are again with yet another outstanding artist, this time around we are featuring someone special right here in Kuwait, the art of Moodhi Al-Ghanim. We previously posted our interview with her and her new design studio called Studio AIO and here we are shedding light on her personal work. Moodhi is only 26 years young and though she did not study art, her artworks are amazing.

I personally love her work, it is very different, very vibrant and feature outstanding imaginative portraits. Each of her artworks have a unique artistic style that is special to that specific artwork yet all of them have a sense of harmony where you’d recognize them immediately being her art.

Some of her art focuses on pure illustration while the others combines photography and she does it beautifully. I think it is about time people realize there are talented people in Kuwait and Moodhi Al-Ghanim is a perfect example. For more art and in order to buy her prints visit her website.