So it is finally here, a franchise and mobile gaming phenomena is back and this time around it is a true sequel. A few games were created after the original and they were all nothing more of a way of making more cash but thankfully this new sequel is the deal.

Like what Nintendo has done with the Mario franchise by taking it to space, this angry birds plays like the same Angry Birds we love but with a new twist. This twist comes from the fact that you play in space, some areas have gravity and others don’t, but most of all, it is more challenging as stages comes in many shapes and forms and almost none are a flat line like the previous installments in the game series.

This angry birds also brings our beloved birds back with an introduction with a few new ones, like a bird that freezes and an eagle which you could use rarely causing a black hole in space that sucks everything around it. The game also does a great job by introducing mini challenges, by collecting hidden golden eggs teleports the player to a mini challenge, much like the original Mario, jump in a pipe and you find something interesting.

I honestly believe this game is the next big thing, its addicting and you most likely would spend nights trying to beat levels on three stars. I only wish the game have improved its graphics and the ability to build your own stages, a lot of companies are creating that and it creates a longer and sometimes endless playing hours. All in all, a great game that indeed deserves a spot on your device.

Download iPhone/iPod App (0.99)
Download iPad App (2.99)

The Good:
- Great new Gameplay.
- Beautiful Level design.
- Great Sound Effects.
- Solid Physics.

The Bad:
- Not a universal App.
- Would have liked a stage editor.