When I first saw this app on the App Store I downloaded it right away because Redlynx has developed it, the same guys that created perhaps my favorite Xbox Live game called Trials HD. It was such a beautiful game that many copied but it remained the most perfect one, and here they are with their new game called MotoHeroz.

This game has the same concept, you ride a vehicle in a side-scrolling game, avoiding obstacles and and speeding on ramps down and up hills to reach your destination. The gameplay is very familiar with a few additions to similar games in the genre, those being power ups like jumping, jetpacks and speeding. The gameplay itself is nice but in my opinion is that it did not offer much, sure there is more, finding hidden chests and the ability to upgrade your vehicles’ performance, but that is it.

The game starts off too challenging at the very beginning making the learning curve slightly harder. The art style on the other hand is beautiful, great scenery and fun animations even on my outdated first generation iPad.

All in all, if you are into such genre I’d recommend Bike Baron, a similar experience with exceeded quality, offering great gameplay, sounds, graphics and an in-game level editor making it a the full package. We have reviewed it before here and I’m not saying MotoHeroz is a bad game, I sure expected better, but the game for me at least did not have much to offer in comparison to other apps of the same genre that are available right now and for a cheaper price.

Download iPad version ($2.99)
Download iPhone/iPod version (0.99)

The Good:
- Great Art style.
- Fun power ups.

The Bad:
- Too challenging.
- Not a contender in the genre.
- Music needs work.