The iPad 3 is finally upon us, and many apple addicts are going crazy and foaming at the mouth with excitement, so they pretty much know all there is to know about the iPad 3. But what if your just a normal person who’s a bit curious or your thinking about buying the iPad 3 but you don’t know that much about it. Don’t worry, thats what this infographic is for.

It comes from the guys over at Geek’s Room, and its an infographic packed with data, stats, and pretty much all you need to know about the new iPad. Now you can easily sift through all the stats and specs to determine whether you are interested in this highly anticipated technology.

Personally, I consider myself an apple geek but Im not too excited about the new iPad. I think its coz the iPad 2 is great and I don’t really need to upgrade. But I do think this infographic is really useful and well laid out.