The same studio that created the The Witcher 2 CGI intro which we featured yesterday called Platigue image also happen to have created an interesting video. This video is titled Dream 2030 and it was created for Qatar as an opening and closing music video for a social animated TV series with the same name.

The series is not out yet nor much is known about it but the intro video could give you a good glimpse. Qatari children are on a flying train, along with a camel, dog and eagle all flying with train taking them from land to space and back all in an adventurous music video signing together.

The style of the characters is simplistic and cartoony and totally fitting for the characters and that said I still think some more improvement could be done, like the characters can look more Qatari as they sort of look from elsewhere but great job nonetheless. To keep updated with the show, please visit Dream 2030 website.