So I finally got a chance to watch this movie and in short it turned out to be the way I expected it to be, basically watch the trailer and consider yourself you have seen the whole movie. John Carter is somehow teleported to planet Mars and finds himself caught up between two factions fighting for power. As you’d guess a person with a troubled background is on his way becoming something better helping others and falling in love with a complete stranger.

I found the movie a bit too slow at the beginning, not much was going on and not that interesting. Things get interesting later on but it is just weird, so supposedly this man has the power of jumping and it looks very fake, there are no strings to be seen but it does not take a genius to figure out how unnatural the movements are.

The character design which I wasn’t found of turned out very interesting, something different from the usual Hollywood interpretation of aliens, big oval eyes, skinny and short. Leaving the novel aside, my opinion covers the movie only, I just didn’t find the story interesting plus the fact that the two opposing forces kind of don’t go well in a single movie, each seems to have a world of their own that is in no way related, imagine The Hulk paying a visit to Star Wars, it just does not fit. Another aspect of the movie is that it  barely features the action you’d hope to see in a conflict, the gladiator-like scene was nice but that was just about it. Anyway, the movie was okay but it could have been way better with a better plot and characters.

The Good:
- Interesting Character Design.
- Great Visuals.

The Bad:
- Uninteresting Plot
- Ridiculous obvious jumping with ropes.
- Very Slow at the Beginning.