Nuqat is holding their 2012 conference entitled “The Lost City Of Arabesque

Their mission is to “To strengthen the creative industry by cultivating a culture of growth, through reinforcing creative dialogue and inspiration”, which is a powerful message, one that we at Chuknum would like to encourage.

This year’s conference will be held in Dubai from the 17th to the 22nd of March and will feature lectures and workshops taught by some of the best in the region. Its a great experience and Id suggest signing up because there’s only a few days left.

Heres a brief about the conference:
“Past, present, and future are arbitrary time periods. Under the theme of ‘The Lost City of Arabesque’, Nuqat design conference 2012 attempts to tackle the schism between heritage and crafts and the contemporary creative industries. The border between those realms is less clear and one is effectively derived from the other. Hence, designers and participants will further explore this notion in addition to the relation and impact their work has on defining contemporary arab identity.”

If your interested visit the official website for more information.