I dedicate this to Green whose favorite car is probably the Lamborghini Aventador and here to show you yet a better car, the Lamborghini Aventador J. This car is so unique that only one was built and only it will be sold, no prototypes will be made even for display, if you buy this car you’ll know it is the only one on this Earth.

This new car is based on the Aventador but omits the roof, tilts the front windshield and separates the seats into cockpits. If that is not enough the car has no windows, not your everyday car since this can’t be covered by either a soft or hard top. Another addition to the car is the rear spoiler which makes the car look even better than the original. I never imagined red suiting a Lamborghini but wow, it looks amazing on this car.

As if Lamborghinis are not beautiful enough, they had to tease us with Aventador J.If your pockets are deep, you can buy this beautiful car after the the Geneva Motor Show.