Gaming Geeks don’t just play games, they get inspired by them and create amazing stuff. The following video is a short movie spanning over 8 minutes of a fighting scene between Ryu from Street Fighter and Kazuya from the Tekken Series. The movie was directed by Christopher C. Cowan and along with his team accomplished a great achievement.

The short movie is entitled “The Devil Within” as Ryu is haunted by a devilish force that nests in his head and weakens everyone’s beloved hero, who will win remains to bee seen on the video. I really loved the originality of the video, a fighting sequence that takes 8 minutes with games we all come to know and love, assuming you are a geek reading this article.

The overall video was produced by Thousand Pounds Action Co. and I think they did a great job, the actors however acted great its just that Ryu and Ken look different from what I would have imagined in real life.